The Festa del Redentore is perhaps the most loved event by all Venetians. Held every third weekend of July, like thanks to have saved Venice from the pestilence that decimated the Venetian population to the end of 1576. All people prepared their boats for the occasion with colored baloons, festoons and bright lights, music and traditional dishes, then crowded around the basin of San Marco in the late evening to watch the wonderful fireworks. If you also want to attend this special event, our suggestion is to reach one of the banks looking the basin of St. Mark’s Square or the same square to get a good view. But even the Redeemer is a church that was built like the Salute church as stated, in thanks for saving the population of Venice from the terrible plague. The construction work began in 1577 under the design of Palladio in pure classical style. It ‘a perfect example of harmony and perfection of shapes. Inside the beautiful paintings by Veronese and Vivarini.