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Venice Carnival


The Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest and most characteristic of the whole world, dating back to the tenth century. At that time Venice was already one of the most feared power in the Mediterranean.
And ‘right to celebrate a series of major victories against the Turks feared and favorable terms with Byzantium and Venice, the day before Lent, publicly declares a holiday period.
So it was that from year to year, Carnival has accompanied the life of the city to this day.
Today as then, people from all walks and nationalities poured into the streets to celebrate and participate in live entertainment disguised, jugglers and dancers who filled the streets and squares.
There were and there still is, for the richest palace parties, casinos and theaters where for the first time you play great theatrical and crazy parties with international guests.
Each year, the carnival attracts thousands of people from around the world with its varied program capable of accommodating adults and childs. For more information visit the official website.